About Lafleur Bodyart

Shelley LaFleur is an award winning professional face & body-artist currently based in the beautiful seaside town of Exmouth, Devon, UK. Shelley has been painting faces & creating art for many years. She launched into bodypainting in 2015 and has not looked back.

Using the human body as her canvas, she aims to explore the world, past, present and future through the medium of art, design and creativity.

Passionate about art. Shelley enjoys working freely and unconstrained. This allows her to fully immerse herself into the creative process. Since starting out, she has had the opportunity to travel throughout Europe to compete at body painting events such as the amazing 'Paintopia' event in Norfolk, Schosas bodypainting festival in Malta (2016 SFX category winner) and had the pleasure of body painting at Studio Bien, Belgium.

Quality Kit

Using a high quality professional kit with professional brushes, well pigmented face & body paints and cosmetic glitter applications that are made specifically for application on skin (both EEA and FDA approved) Shelley does not use any acrylics or unsafe or unsuitable products. Fully insured, she adheres fully to a professional code of conduct. You can be assured of a smooth and professional service, whatever your event. Fully equipped with everything required for your event, including black uniform, signage (if required) table and makeup chair.

Body Painting for business

Body Painting is an ideal way to promote your business or product. It is a perfect attraction for enticing more customers to your event and is ideal alternative advertising for openings, product launches and corporate events. Imagine the impact of a bespoke design applied onto a professional models with excellent interpersonal skills who are familiar with acting as event host/hostesses - greeting your guests, conversing with clients, giving photo opportunities and acting as an ambassador for your brand. Body art designs can be based around your business, creating extra interest and paving the way for your business or brand to get noticed. Step outside the box and be one step ahead of your competitors.

High end face painting

Not only is body art an exciting way to attract customers, but so is face painting for your clients and their children. Imagine being able to offer your customers a high end, beautifully designed face painting during their visit. This added extra that you offer your clients not only gives your target market added value to attend but also reflects well on you as a business - if the service you offer is professional and high end - your clients are likely to walk away with a great impression of your business.